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New Recording: “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”

So, I perform Kevin Clark’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” more often than all but a handful of other pieces. It’s beautiful music, and an absolute joy to play. That said, I always have difficulty describing it to people who haven’t yet heard it. Thankfully, I remembered that we live in the 21st century, and have a solution for such problems. Check out the Media page for the fruit of yet another late-night recording session! Or, y’know, just look below:

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Transatlantic Call at Paradox, 10pm tonight!

Last-minute event update: I’ll be playing tonight with Hanna van Rooijen at Paradox, in Tilburg. We will perform Kevin Clark’s “Finishing the Rose” as part of an evening of music put on by the CD-R.

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Trello is a Glorious Thing

So, Kevin has been experimenting with Trello as a means of both organizing his thoughts on “Finishing the Rose” and letting Hanna, myself, and the rest of the consortium follow along as he works. It is truly heady stuff, to get a glimpse inside this man’s thoughts. Rather than try to describe it to you in detail, I will instead encourage you to read his words for yourself.

Also, for those of you who can’t wait to join us, Kevin has concocted a lovely little widget to manage the consortium fees. Once Paypal processes your consortium fee, we’ll email you a copy of the contract. Or you can email either of us first, and we’ll be glad to talk the project over with you.

Consortium Commission

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Commission Update, New Performances

As mentioned previously, Hanna van Rooijen and I have persuaded the marvelously talented Kevin Clark to write a piece for our upcoming performance in De Toonzaal. The working title for the piece is “Finishing the Rose,” and it follows the Medieval composer Guillaume de Machaut as he tries to finish his work “Rose, Liz…,” while also coping with the nightmare of daily life in 1350. You can read more about Kevin’s thoughts for the piece here.

Saxophonists! Singers! We would love for you to get involved in this project. I am organizing a consortium to make sure this piece finds its way into as many ears as possible. Consortium members will have:

  1. Your name included on the title page of the score
  2. A pdf copy of the score emailed to you
  3. Exclusive rights to give a regional premier
  4. Exclusive performance rights for (1) year
  5. The right to record the work for personal use
  6. [NEW] Access to Kevin’s Trello board, so you can follow along during the composition process.

For full details and a copy of the consortium contract, shoot me an email using the contact widget.

**UPDATE** If, instead, you’d like to pitch in immediately, you can use the Paypal widget below to do so, and we’ll email you a copy of the contract.

Consortium Commission

Also, coming up on December 18th is the Fontys Nacht van de Kunsten. I will be performing several times over the course of the evening in different ensembles. At 8:00pm, The Helios Saxophone Quartet will kick off the evening in Studio 6. Then, at 8:30pm, I will be joined by Hanna van Rooijen to present our duo, Transatlantic Call, also in Studio 6. Later on, I will be playing with the Fontys Saxophone Ensemble. However, De Nacht is much bigger than just these performances. The whole school will be showing off, with a glorious commotion of music, dance, theatre, and circus acts. You really should check it out.

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Upcoming events in De Toonzaal

I’m excited to announce that I will be playing with the Helios Saxophone Quartet on January 20th at De Toonzaal in Den Bosch. The performance will begin at 12:30, and will last around 40 minutes. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal the program details just yet, but stay tuned. We’ve got a bunch of sweet ideas in the works.

I will be playing De Toonzaal again on March 16. This time, I will be joined by the lovely Hanna van Rooijen. We’ve got a fantastic program of music for alto saxophone and voice in store, including two pieces by Lori Laitman and the world premier of a new piece by Kevin Clark.

You will always be able to find the latest details of these and any other performances on the Events page.

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