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The R-Rated Trio Returns to Podium 111

The time has come, the Walrus said, to remind y’all that Alexandria Schultz, Edu Diez Garcia, and I will be tearing it up this Sunday at Podium 111. The theme-du-jour is Spanish-influenced chamber music. Come on out for a delightful morning of coffee, conversation, and chamber music.

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Live from Muziekgebouw Fritz Philips

Denizens of the Internet!

Last month, Alex, Edu, and I played a lunch concert for the lovely folks at Muziekgebouw Fritz Philips in Eindhoven. The hall was glorious, we had a blast, and the engineering staff were kind enough to record the show for us. Those recordings are now up on the Media page for your listening pleasure! Don’t forget, we’ve got more where this came from. If you’re in the Tilburg area at the end of next month, come join us on November 26 for a lazy Sunday morning of great music at Podium 111 (details on the Calendar).

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Performance this Saturday

Heya folks,

I’d just like to highlight a last-minute addition to my concert schedule. This Saturday, I’ll be performing Kevin Clark’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” as part of De Link’s festival, “De Opening.” There will be three performances of the piece, starting at 20:00, 20:30, and 21:00. The venue is at Noordstraat 101, Tilburg. Admission is free. Hope to see you all there!

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Master’s Recital Videos

Hiya folks,
For those of you afflicted with misfortunes that prevented you from hearing me last Tuesday, there are now videos from my performances of God Bless the Child and Night of the Thumpasorus Peoples up on YouTube! Be advised, these’ll probably be up for only a month or so, while I try to find a quieter place to make follow-up recordings of these, and other pieces from that program. Enjoy!

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Masters Recital!

For anyone who has somehow managed to avoid my excited babbling thus far, this is your friendly reminder that my final Masters recital is coming up! The program will begin at 16:00 on June 13th, in the Muziekzaal of the Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg. For all of you lovely folks in commuting distance of Tilburg, I hope to see you there. For all of you lovely folks not in commuting distance of Tilburg, I’ll have some material from that program to share with you here later in the month. Alas, preparation for this program has forced me to delay the next few installments of Sounds from the Basement until after the recital is taken care of. That said, I’m really quite pleased with the way this program is shaping up. If you’re curious, you can find more details regarding the program on the Calendar page.

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ANOTHER Recording, Housekeeping, and a (Sortof) New Project

Hello again,

So, Perry Goldstein was kind enough to give me his blessing to share with you lovely people a demo recording I made back at the start of February of his piece, “Total Absorption.” It’s now up on the media page. You know what you must do! I really wasn’t expecting that to go as quickly as it did, or I’d have planned the spacing better between that and yesterday’s recording of Prufrock.

You may notice that the layout of the Media page has been updated somewhat. I’ve enjoyed my mini-recording sessions from whatever corner of Fontys seems most quiet at the moment, and I’ve got a lot of music in the works that I’m eager to share. The plan going forward is to try and do one of these recordings every month or so. Rather than treat each of these recordings as a separate thing (resulting in a truly unwieldy collection of soundcloud widgets), I’ve decided to consolidate them all in one place and, because I’m a sucker for giving cute names to things, I have dubbed this project “Sounds from the Basement.” So, do please check back here every now and again to hear what’s escaping from down there!

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Trello is a Glorious Thing

So, Kevin has been experimenting with Trello as a means of both organizing his thoughts on “Finishing the Rose” and letting Hanna, myself, and the rest of the consortium follow along as he works. It is truly heady stuff, to get a glimpse inside this man’s thoughts. Rather than try to describe it to you in detail, I will instead encourage you to read his words for yourself.

Also, for those of you who can’t wait to join us, Kevin has concocted a lovely little widget to manage the consortium fees. Once Paypal processes your consortium fee, we’ll email you a copy of the contract. Or you can email either of us first, and we’ll be glad to talk the project over with you.

Consortium Commission

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